Silver Jewelry Cleaning Trick

Silver jewelry is one of our favorites, but overtime, it can tarnish. Jewel Addicts has an easy tip for you on how to clean your favorite silver jewelry with . . . toothpaste!


  1. Make sure you use plain, non-gel and non-whitening toothpaste. The gel won’t clean it as well and the whitening toothpaste could damage jewelry.
  2. Put toothpaste on dry cloth and rub over the silver jewelry. You can apply more toothpaste for really tarnished items.
  3. Use an extra tooth brush to clean the “nooks and crannies” of your jewelry. Make sure it is soft bristled, so you don’t scratch!
  4. Rinse jewelry under warm water to get toothpaste off.
  5. Set on a cloth and let jewelry air dry.
  6. Marvel at your shiny silver jewelry and then wear it like a diva!

silver chevron knuckle ring2


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