RINGS: “Love Me or Leave Me Alone!”

Did you know your jewelry and accessories can reveal a lot about your personality? Whether you are choosing to show off your self- expression, emotions or thoughts, this news post will examine the meanings of rings worn on different fingers.

Symbolism of Rings & Fingers

The ancient Greek associated the thumb with masculine dignity, manly strength and power. Currently, it’s believed that those, who wear rings on thumbs are seeking self-assurance by all means possible, including the sexual aspect. This of course is also true about men wearing rings on thumbs. As for women wearing rings on thumbs, this “might” be a signal about having some features of character, like persistence, stubbornness or being hot-tempered. Additionally, women having nontraditional sexual orientation are also known for wearing rings on thumbs.

Index or Pointer
Rings worn on the index finger of the right hand demonstrate a desire for power.  This also speaks for such qualities of character as carefulness. As for the rings worn on the left hand, reference meanings like longing to seem not what you really are, ambiguity and accepting guidance from others with a willingness to take a recessive role.   The ability to lead also comes with this finger.

Now, the middle finger is actually a great place to put a ring you want to brag with! According to psychologists, the owner of the ring wants to show off not only the ring, but herself as well. The more effective the ring is, the more you want to persuade everyone around you that you’re just irresistible. Strong personal beliefs in destiny and magic can also be shown through wearing rings on the middle finger.

Ring Finger
As you may already know wearing rings on the ring finger, means the family status of a lady. According to ancient Egyptians beliefs, there is a straight nerve that runs from the ring finger, right to the heart. For those reasons, that is why it’s common to wear the wedding ring on the left ring finger. Women who are not yet married but wear rings on their ring fingers, may subconsciously want to show that they really want to change their status as soon as possible or at the same time could be trying to tell everyone around them that they are just fine. Wearing bridal type rings on the ring finger of the right hand, is a typical sign of a divorced lady or a widow.

Little Finger or Pinky
Wearing a ring on the little finger is said to be a symbol of artistic and creative character. One is said to possess qualities like eloquence, the ability to persuade, cunning and resourcefulness. Wearing rings on the little finger, is also said to mean you know how to find common grounds with the most different people easily. This is of course a good start for success in business.

So here was all that we discovered and would like to present to your attention concerning the meanings of rings on different fingers, hoping that you will find some informative and interesting news here. The fingers on which you wear your rings say a lot about what kind of person you are and what characteristics you may have. So try to be more attentive when picking a finger for wearing your favorite rings next time!


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