TEACHERS: Is your style earning you the right grade?

“It is important to maintain a professional presence as educators and one of the ways we can do that is through what we wear to work.” – Rebecca Mieliwocki   Just as appropriate manners are widely desirable over impoliteness, dressing professionally should be considered the norm among teachers. Isn’t it obvious that professional dress attire and appropriate manners are one in the same? For those who refuse to see the importance in a physical appearance, there is a reality of dress. As you are aware, it is hard to overcome a poor first impression, regardless of your profession, skill or...

Sparkle vs. Shine:”The Difference Between Cubic Zirconia, Crystal and Rhinestone”

Do you know the difference between a cubic zirconia (aka CZ), a rhinestone or a Swarovski Crystal? And does their difference really matter? Well this article will help you identify with these specific gemstone variances. All of the stones are shiny, sparkly, glittery and dazzling, however one is known as a diamond substitute and the others as a naturally crystalline gem of some sort. But all stones are manmade and produced in laboratories. The biggest difference between rhinestones and cubic zirconia is in how they are made. The first rhinestones came from quartz crystals from the Rhine River in Germany,...

Stainless Steel Jewelry: “Your New Best Friend”

Today, the most popular uses for stainless steel is in Fashion Jewelry. Using stainless steel to make jewelry such as watches, bracelets, necklaces, rings, earring posts and body jewelry are trending now more than ever! According to WGSN (Worth Global Style Network), this modest silver/grey metal is gaining popularity through "industrial beauty" and "post-nature" designs. Stainless steel is appearing in survival bracelets, jewelry with rivets and buckles, jewelry with Swarovski Crystal settings, Zirconias, leather and as a popular color in Urban-themed fashions. Briefly, let’s discuss the physical properties of stainless steel. Stainless steel contains at least 10% chromium and depending...

RINGS: “Love Me or Leave Me Alone!”

Did you know your jewelry and accessories can reveal a lot about your personality? Whether you are choosing to show off your self- expression, emotions or thoughts, this news post will examine the meanings of rings worn on different fingers. Symbolism of Rings & Fingers Thumb The ancient Greek associated the thumb with masculine dignity, manly strength and power. Currently, it’s believed that those, who wear rings on thumbs are seeking self-assurance by all means possible, including the sexual aspect. This of course is also true about men wearing rings on thumbs. As for women wearing rings on thumbs, this...

Temporary “Jewelry” Tattoo Trend: Are You In?

According to Vogue magazine, metallic tattoos that look like jewelry are the latest in accessory trends. These dazzling tattoos are in metallic gold or silver and look like real jewelry . . . with a stylish edge. They take just minutes to set and last 4-6 days. Layer them with some of your favorite “real” jewelry for an awesome look that reflects your style. Celebrities and fashionistas are all supporting this new trend. Jewel Addicts loves these stylish accessories too! Buy yours online at JewelAddicts.com

Silver Jewelry Cleaning Trick

Silver jewelry is one of our favorites, but overtime, it can tarnish. Jewel Addicts has an easy tip for you on how to clean your favorite silver jewelry with . . . toothpaste!   Make sure you use plain, non-gel and non-whitening toothpaste. The gel won’t clean it as well and the whitening toothpaste could damage jewelry. Put toothpaste on dry cloth and rub over the silver jewelry. You can apply more toothpaste for really tarnished items. Use an extra tooth brush to clean the “nooks and crannies” of your jewelry. Make sure it is soft bristled, so you don’t...

body jewelry sale

Body Jewelry Is In!

JewelAddicts.com knows that body jewel is the hot new trend you love in jewelry.  We have amazing, new, and beautiful styles of body jewelry for you to choose from.  Most styles we sell come in silver and gold colors.  Go ahead and make a statement with a fabulous body chain! View & Shop Body Jewelry Styles here!


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